Invest the money in share market.Trading in stock markets, which traders are engaged in, involves a serious knowledge in the field of fundamental and technical analysis of the securities market, trading strategies and skills at trading terminals and is a high-risk occupation. If you want to invest in trading shares, you can trade them yourself through a brokerage company or give money to the management of the brokerage company.First of all, determine the number of shares included in the investment portfolio. There are no clear recommendations on this issue. As a rule, the number of companies in the portfolio of a private investor ranges from 3 to 8. Never invest everything with just one company. Minimum-shares of three companies, according to the rules of diversification.The maximum is determined by your ability to monitor and analyze incoming information on a daily basis. Of course, a lot depends on the size of your Deposit or the amount of invested capital. It is necessary to form a portfolio of shares belonging to different sectors of the economy. 21962 … t/How.html